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Face Soap

Our cinnamon & honey face soap is great for helping to keep your skin toned and refreshed. Cinnamon & Honey are known to help naturally fight off acne and oatmeal is great for removing dead skin. This is truly a wonder soap!

This right here       ~ Cinnamon, Oatmeal, and Honey Home Brewed Soap has been the BEST THING EVER for my face! I have rosacea, acne, and extreme dry scaly skin, and in just a few weeks, my skin is soft and smooth and my redness flareups are much more manageable! I have spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars going to dermatologists and buying rX creams and ointments that my insurance sometimes wouldn’t even pay for…all I needed was a bar of badass soap! Thanks so much Melanie! ~ Grace Saulsbury
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