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Top Five Reasons To Use Hand Crafted Beer Soap

Happy winter everyone - we've been having a wonderful time listening to your feedback on our new wedding favor beer soaps, including our recent scented additions to the lineup: Porter & Spice, and New England IPA. We hope you've found as many reasons to celebrate the New Year and the winter season as we have. As I mentioned a few posts back, reminiscing on the changes, chances, and successes we've had in 2015, it reminded me of how thankful my family and I are to our customers who helped make this dream a reality. So I can't think of a better way to continue this look back today than with a list of the reasons we got started on the path that lead us to where we are today. A list of the top ten reasons we began making, using, and eventually selling our hand crafted beer soap!

Reason One: Healthy Skin
One of the simplest and most straight forward reasons is also the most obvious - the health of our skin. Many of the other reasons, although with their own merit, often boil down to this same, simple fact: our overall health can so often be tied to the health of our skin, yet it is so often overlooked. We make sure to take in the right vitamins and minerals for a healthy body, hydrate with eight glasses of water a day, know the nutrition facts we should abide by to stay trim and fit - but how often do we think to hydrate our skin, or provide it with the vitamins and minerals in needs to stay healthy? Our hand crafted beer soap will hydrate, exfoliate, and nurture your skin so that it, too, can remain as healthy and vibrant as the rest of your body!

Reason Two: All Natural Ingredients
Take a moment to think about the shampoo you have sitting in your bath or shower. Do you think you can name five ingredients? Do you think you could even explain five ingredients to your child? SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE : COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE : POLYQUATERNIUM-10 : METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE - anything that starts with Meth doesn't sound like something that should be rubbed into your skin. And here's the kicker... that smell that's wafting from the bottle is usually labeled as "FRAGRANCE" half way down their ingredients list. But taking a look at the ingredients listed on our beer soaps, you'll find it hard to pick out an ingredient you can't explain. You'll know exactly what wonderful aromas are enveloping you and how to pronounce them... like "Oatmeal," "Shea Butter," and "Wildflower Honey." Which brings us right into our next reason...

Reason Three: Aromatherapy
One of the reasons we first began making our soap was the wonderful effect it had on our mood. With almost all of the store bought soaps and shampoos we came across, the synthetic fragrances, chemical additives, and detergents/irritants did nothing to improve our sense of well being. In fact - excessive use of these products actually do more damage to your skin than good over time, and certainly don't bring any peace of mind. Our wonderfully scented beer soaps made with natural ingredients, fragrances, and essential oils can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, help aid restful sleep, as well as a host of other benefits associated with the effects of aromatherapy.

Reason Four: Protection for Sensitive Skin
Tying in all three reasons already mentioned above - the health of our skin is tied to the ingredients that are or are not in the soap we use. Skin allergies and sensitive skin can either be aggravated, or alleviated, by what we put on our bodies. The chemical additives, synthetic ingredients, and other irritants used in super-store "soap" that is often little more than a synthetic detergent - better used on your dishes than yourself - will not only do more harm than good in the long term, but reek havoc on those of us who have skin sensitivity. In contrast, our hand crafted beer soaps have been helping customers notice a positive difference in their skin! Specifically, our Cinnamon & Honey Beer Soap has generated a great deal of wonderful responses that you can read on the testimonials page of our website. You can also head over to my previous post about the benefits of cinnamon for your skin by clicking here.

Reason Five: The Conversation Piece
The only thing more fun than affording yourself this affordable luxury, is sharing it with friends and family! Surreptitiously placed sink-side in your bathroom before the next family get-together or party/event, you won't believe just how much of an interest point and conversation piece something as seemingly simple as your hand soap could be! Your guests will use it, love it as much as you do, wonder what exactly it is and where you got it, and praise you and your lovely home for having it. Sound way over the top? Believe me - just try it! My partner and I have had these in our home for years now, and we are still amazed at how often our guests remark and compliment us for what is usually considered a mundane household product.
And that completes our look at the top five reasons for using hand crafted beer soap. Don't forget to stop by our Shop to check out our beer soaps mentioned above along with other great Home Brewed Soaps. Until next time - remember: intoxicate your skin

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