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For the love of Coffee!

Did you know that coffee contains anti-oxidative properties that may help reduce inflammation and the caffeine in coffee has potent antioxidant properties that are known to help protect cells against UV radiation and slow the process of photoaging? Also, it has been found that skin products containing caffeine from coffee increases circulation of the blood in the skin!

We didn't know any of this either until we did some research on putting coffee in our soaps! Yes , normally we make our soaps with our home brewed beer, however we were approached by a local coffee shop in Lincolnville, Maine to make some coffee soap. We figured, sure why not, coffee is brewed as well so it fits!

Green Tree Coffee & Tea carries a Coffee Soap Hand Scrub and  Lavender Earl Grey Tea Soap pictured below!  Both of the soaps below are available at their coffee shop!

coffee soap tea soap

After making a couple of batches of soap for Green Tree Coffee & Tea we decided to add a coffee soap to our product line. Their coffee soap came out so amazing we couldn't resist.

Our Coffee Scrub is made with Wicked Joe Organic Fair Trade Coffee out of Topsham, Maine. We used their Wicked Italian brew for our coffee scrub. The end result is an indulgent and intoxicating soap that has strong notes of coffee with a slight undertone of sweet chocolate. We also added in some Coffee grounds to help exfoliate your skin.

Home Brewed Soap Coffee Soap

Our Coffee Soap is great for keeping at the kitchen sink to help remove strong odors from onions & garlic. Also what a way to wake up, coffee in your cup and now you can wash with coffee on your hands, face & body if you like to exfoliate! 

Oh and because we love coffee and beer , we do also have our Coffee Stout Beer Soap! If you love coffee, we've got you covered!

beer soap coffee stout

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