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Making our New Porter & Spice Beer Soap Wedding Favors

Our porter and spice beer soap is made with our very own chocolate porter, this one we usually have to make a double batch of so we have enough to put in the soap. It is my favorite! You can get our porter and spice soap in our regular size soaps and now in our wedding favor size as well! Our beer soaps start with our beer and we finish the process of making our soap with natural vegetable oils and butters, along with essential oils to compliment the beers that we use.

We use the hot process method to make our soaps so after we have combined the oils with the beer/lye mixture and blended the soap will look like the picture below once it has cooked.

homemade soap beer soap

Once the soap is taken out of the double boiler we leave it to cool for several minutes so we may add in the essential oils. In our porter and spice bars we use a combination of cinnamon and bay rum for a slightly sweet and spicy aroma.

beer soap

After the essential oils are added we mix it very well . We also added in organic cardamom powder and organic cinnamon powder to help add depth and texture to the soap. 

Once our beer soap mixture is mixed well we dump it into the mold below. We use a 15 lb mold for our wedding soap favors.

soap wedding favors

We line our wooden soap slab mold with freezer paper and use olive oil spray to keep the soap from sticking.

beer soap wedding favors

Our soap only needs to sit overnight and we are able to cut it the next day. Once our beer soap is cut into wedding bar sizes we leave them to cure for about 3 to 4 weeks before wrapping. We get approximately 260 wedding favor soaps out of a batch.

Rustic Soap Wedding Favors

As pictured above our porter and spice wedding favor soaps can be customized for your special day with your names and date on the front and a message on the back!


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