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Benefits of Cinnamon for your skin

Cinnamon Skin Benefits

Cinnamon is a spice and is considered a mild astringent or a compound that helps to shrink skin tissue. It is a strong spice that does possess a certain harshness for those with sensitive skin. When you use a product with natural essential oils of cinnamon or cinnamon powder you may experience a warm sensation on your skin as the cinnamon stimulates your skin. Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties making it a beneficial ingredient to use in all natural soaps.

Because cinnamon brings blood and nutrients to the skins surface while also helping to dry the skin it is known to be used in soaps and skincare products to help with acne, eczema and other skin conditions.

I love cinnamon, it is probably one of my favorite spices. I formulated a homemade beer soap using my home brewed stout, organic cinnamon powder, honey & oatmeal. At first this soap started out as just a regular body soap as I had not researched the powerful combination of cinnamon & honey when used together in skincare. Turns out cinnamon and honey can be very beneficial in helping to ward off acne the natural way!  This is quite true as the proof was in my customer feedback.  

" I ordered the ( cinnamon & honey complexion) beer soap for my 19 year old son. He is a freshman in college...when he was home over thanksgiving his acne was terrible. I immediately started searching online for something/anything that would help. He has been using your beer soap for a week since he has been home for winter break and he is thrilled with the improvement! It is unbelievable! I just placed another order so he could have some at school. Thank you!! " ~ Kendall~

 " Cinnamon & Honey Complexion Face Soap has been the BEST THING EVER for my face! I have rosacea, acne, and extreme dry scaly skin, and in just a few weeks, my skin is soft and smooth and my redness flareups are much more manageable! I have spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars going to dermatologists and buying rX creams and ointments that my insurance sometimes wouldn’t even pay for…all I needed was a $4.25 bar of badass soap! Thanks so much Melanie! "  ~ Grace Saulsbury

I loved getting those emails! So I decided to turn the soap into a face soap. While you may still use it all over it is amazing for your face! 

The best part about getting this feedback is knowing that our product is helping people with their acne. With all of products out there to choose from it feels good to know that we are making a difference the natural and safe way!


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    Thanks for washing responsibly with us! 

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