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Beard Oil Sample - Hops & Mint Beard Oil

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Natural Beard oil is made with Peppermint Essential oils, hop extract and natural oils. Our natural beard oil sample is the perfect size to give it a good test!

Beard Oil Facts:
100% Natural
.34 oz

Our natural Beard Oil is made with 100% natural oils and essential oils. Our Hops & Mint Beard oil is scented with 100% peppermint essential oil and we added in some hop extract for extra skin and hair loving benefits!

Our unique blend of oils are great for your skin and hair and are easy to absorb so your beard will feel conditioned and moisturized and won't be left feeling overly greasy!

~~~~~~~~~Instructions ~~~~~~~~~~

A little goes a long way so apply a small amount at first. The amount you use will also depend upon the length of your beard. Our Beard Oil is great for long, full beards and also short ones!

Ingredients: Oils of sweet almond, hemp seed and jojoba. Peppermint essential oil. Hop Extract.